Please contact me for a workshop (scroll down for fees). I can tailor any program to suit your needs.


learn how to prune

Learn three basic cuts, natural pruning tricks, when to stop, pruning over time, select plant advice, pruning within a landscape, and much more while I have everyone or just one volunteer pruning along with me. I get people pruning in the first ten minutes! Pruning can be taught in the garden or even a lecture room with a few tarps in 1-4 hours.



Learn about garden design with specific viewing points in mind. This is one of the most important design concepts for home gardeners. A beginning pruning lesson can precede this class.


Gardener as Curator—Long term Garden Design

This class introduces how the Japanese gardeners design gardens over time. Learn how to develop your overall garden, use borrowed scenery, cultivate the prima donna (focal) plants, and generally style the others—for the short and long term. A beginning pruning lesson can precede this class.


Learn how to wipe the dust off your “landscape painting” with refined cleaning—a Japanese New Year tradition that can be done any time of the year! This is a great class for small garden areas in public gardens and for students of different levels and ages. A beginning pruning lesson can precede this class.


*Hands-on pruning workshops may require materials like pruning shears, saws, and pre-cut branches.

SMALL workshops generally run three-four hours for groups up to 15. LARGE demonstation workshops generally run one to two hours for groups up to 50, where one or two volunteers are selected to prune along with me.

Workshop fees range from $200-400 (travel/food/lodging negotiable). 

I am happy to consider combining presentations for multiple groups pooling resources. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibilities at