Please contact me for a talk (scroll down for fees). I can tailor any program to suit your needs.


Secret Gardens of Kyoto

This light but visually rich presentation will take you on a tour of unique Kyoto gardens. Enter private landscapes, monasteries, and an emperor’s estate. Enjoy the gardens with Japanese teatime!


My Apprenticeship in the Gardens of Kyoto

In this photographic presentation, we embark on a garden adventure in Kyoto as seen through the daily lives of the gardeners, rather than visitors. Discover the plants, people, and creatures in the gardens many people consider living art.


The big picture

What is a focal plant? How do you direct visitors subconsciously? Does borrowed scenery make a garden bigger? Learn Japanese garden tricks and techniques in garden design.



*Most presentations will require A/V (computer, projector, and microphone).

Talk fees range from $200 for local events (can adjust fees for public organizations with limited budgets), $300 + travel/food/lodging for events further afield. 

I am happy to consider combining presentations for multiple groups pooling resources. Feel free to get in touch to discuss the possibilities at