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Berkeley: Berkeley Horticulture Nursery Maple Pruning Class and Reading

For this RESERVATION ONLY event, I will be demonstrating the basics of pruning maples and doing a reading or two of “Cutting Back.” Bring your shears and you may be the one volunteer hands-on student chosen! Maples are known for their rapid, reactive growth in the SF Bay Area, I like to call them “the teen-agers of the garden.” Come see how to discourage rebellion, and encourage beautiful development in your garden.

Berkeley Horticulture will be selling “Cutting Back” and plenty of Maples after this event, including the Acer “Yuki Nara”, named after my pruning friend who was one of the editors of my memoir, and a good friend! I will be signing copies of “Cutting Back” after 12:30, and will stick around for another hour to answer extra Maple questions (if you bring a lunch snack—long questions will be forthcoming).